Sunday, September 23, 2012

All things LUSH!

  1. 1. How did you find/get introduced to Lush products? How long ago was that? What was the first product you ever used?
  2. I had used LUSH a few years back, and then stopped. I've recently got back into it. I think I tried a face wash, and a shampoo bar.  

  3. 2. Top 3 favorite bath products? (Bath bombs, bubble bars, bath melts)
  4. Love the buffy bar. Haven't tried bombs, bars or melts much yet.

  5. 3. What’s one product that you REALLY want to try but just haven’t gotten around to yet?
  6. Rub, rub, rub or Fair Trade Foot Cream

  7. 4. Do you use Lush skincare? What are your favorite products for your skin, and why do you love them so much?
Have some on order. I am going to try a couple different face washes, to see which I like best. Won't be using there face moisturizers though.

  1. 5. Aren’t the massage bars AMAZING?! Which is your favorite?
  2. Mmm! I've used one before and loved it. Currently only have Shimmy, Shimmy and haven't been disappointed.

  3. 6. Do you have a discontinued or Retro product that you miss more than anything?! (Not holiday!)
  4. No.

  6. 7. If you could give your best friend(s) just one Lush product, which would you pick for them?
  7. Buffy bar, or Swoosh, cause its fun!

  8. 8. Lush blogs do you check frequently? Do other Lush blogger’s opinions on products effect your decision making when choosing what you get for yourself?
  9. I dont follow any currently as I've just got back into the LUSH fad. But I have read a ton of reviews!

  10. 9. Where/how do you store your Lush “stash”?
  11. I have most in my bedroom, some in the bathroom and will put some in my purse. LOVE lush!

  12. 10. What haircare products do you love? Do you use Lush haircare in your daily routine?
  13. Currently dont use anything LUSH for hair care.

  14. 11. If you’ve had a terrible day, what Lush product do you use for a pick-me-up?
  15. Buffy, Swoosh!, Lip scrub.
  16. 12. What issue of the Lush Times has been your favorite so far? Do you keep all of your old issues?
  17. none...

  18. 13. Do you use hair masks, foot treatment products or face masks regularly? What’s your ultimate at-home Lush spa night?
  19. LOVE mask of magnaminty so so so much!!!!!!! I have a foot mask on order, so we'll see!

  20. 14. Do you use the designated Lush tins to store any of your products? (Massage bars, solid shampoos, body butters, etc.)
  21. The buffy I have a tin for. That's all.

  22. 15. What’s your must-have-on-hand-at-all-times product that you might die without? (Okay, dramatic, but not really for Lushies ;D)
  23. I dont think I'll be going with out mask of magnaminty any time soon. Same with buffy and swoosh!
  24. Whats your favorite LUSH product!!!???
  25. xoxo
  26. Laura