Monday, April 30, 2012

Burts Bees

A very quick review on a new product I'm trying. It was recommended to me by a friend, who claims to have a VERY tough time finding good lip gloss. I used to use the Polysporin lip chap, and am finding it less and less appealing as I use it. So, got the hubby to pick me up a

Medicated Lip Balm with Eucalyptus Oil!

I have used Burts Bees before, I seem to favor minty lip balms, and I'd tried the honey one, unsuccessfully! This is definitely a keeper in my collection. Very moisturizing. Sort of smells like cough candies to me! I even had my hubby use it in place of his usual Roc lip chap, and he didn't mind it! (which is sayin' something!!!)

For 4 dollars, I highly recommend it, if you're looking for a good chapstick, with a minty cool feeling!

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