Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Glossy Box Canada Price Increase

So, as most Glossy fans know, the price of a glossybox has went up a fair chunk, as we were notified yesterday.
The regular price of the Glossybox was $15. This was a fairly easy amount of money to part with. Afterall, you got a mini gift in the mail every month, with stuff you either liked, loved, or could do without!
Now, Glossy has jacked the price to $21 a month. While this still isn't really a LARGE amount of money to spend, it sure is a price hike. I sincerely hope that they'll send higher end products, or bigger products or something. The people that already subscribed get 1 extra month at the 15$ rate. I will see it through for a box or two, and if I'm not satisfied.... I think I'll be saying goodbye to Glossybox! :( :(
With $21 dollars a month, I can go to the store and pick out a highend product that I know I'll love, so I'm just not sure!!!!
What do you think, Glossies?!


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