Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Favorite "base/highlight" palette!

Hi Guys!
Just gonna do a quick post on my FAVORITE palette to use as base shades and/or highlight shades.
It is the Smashbox Be Discovered Palette. I actually said I liked this a while back, but only got it within the past month!

It has some pretty neutral shades and I'd definitely say this isn't the palette for you if you want a really dramatic look.

Here is a quick look at the colors!

Bliss (Matte Beige), Rosewater (Pink Sheen) Opal (Opalescent Sheen), Mist (Shimmering Silver Mauve), Adobe (Matt Warm Light Brown), Champagne (Shimmering Beige Peach), Pebble (Matte Neutral Brown), Lilac (Soft Lilac Sheen)

I cannot say it is super dark colors or anything, but for a very neutral look or as base tones, it is perfect.

Purchased at :Shoppers Drug Mart
Cost: $52.00
Rating: 4/5

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